I Can't See It, But I Can Feel It

Okay, I'm sorry- I couldn't help but throw in A Walk To Remember quote. Today I want to talk about something that is rarely considered but can be one of the most difficult things to deal with on a wedding day if you’re not prepared for it. WIND. My personal opinion… wind is worse than rain on an event day and here’s why. There is always a backup plan if it looks like rain is in the forecast- you move the ceremony and reception indoors or tent your space and then everything is good to go. Unless there’s going to be a hurricane on your wedding day, no one gives wind a second thought so you’re still going to be going with your plan A. I highly recommend paying attention to the wind mph on your wedding day forecast and being ready for it just in case. Here are a few things that wind can effect and how to deal with them.


If you were planning on having some or all of your hair down but decide you'd rather not be tucking your hair behind your ears or pulling it out of your mouth, ask your hair stylist to do a loose low updo instead. It’ll still look soft and natural but everything will be securely in place. If you know your wedding venue is prone to wind (ie: the beach), try out an updo at your hair trial so you can get an idea of what your backup style will look like. Have your stylist spray your hair and keep a mini bottle of hairspray with you in case you need a touch up later on. And I love a good cathedral length veil (I had one myself), but if it’s windy enough, that can end up in the faces of your bridesmaids or even family in the first row. Consider going sans veil for the ceremony and then try to get some photos with it on afterwards.


Microphones for the ceremony, toasts and announcements can almost be rendered useless if there’s enough wind. Ask if your DJ can provide a windscreen for wireless or corded mics and make sure anyone using these for a reading or toast knows to hold it very close. For a lapel mic, ask for it to be placed under your grooms’s tie or shirt. The audio will be a bit quieter but way better than picking up all of the wind. Also make sure your videographer is equipped to deal with wind.


Programs, escort and place cards, table numbers and menus can all easily end up all over the ground if it’s gusty out. Luckily there are some easy fixes. Keep programs in a box on the welcome table for guests to grab as they enter the ceremony or if you’re set on still placing them on each seat, use something to hold them down like pretty rocks or geodes. If you’re having an outdoor event, skip the tent cards and choose escort cards that are attached to a board or tied/clipped onto something. This is a great chance to get creative! Place cards can be placed in between fork prongs, to keep them from flying away while still keeping the name clearly visible. There are really beautiful options for table number holders now so if you have printed table numbers, make sure they aren’t just leaning against your centerpiece. Finally, consider doing a pocket fold napkin and placing the menu inside.


Even after tables are set and weighed down with centerpieces and place settings, the edges of the linen can still fly up and onto everything that was just perfectly set. Normally when we set up a wedding, we place all the chairs to where the edge of the seat just barely touches the linen. However if you’re battling wind, you can push the chairs in to help hold the linen down. If your linen is long enough, you can also tuck the access fabric underneath the table legs to keep it in place or purchase tablecloth weights to attach to the bottom of the linen that you can hide.


Framed engagement photos and signage is used at a lot of weddings today. If it is in a frame with glass and a gust of wind whips up, it can knock these items right off of a table or easel. If possible, relocate these items inside or to an area where the wind can be blocked. If that’s not an option, make sure to keep frames flat down until the last possible minute before guests arrive. Votives and open flame candles are a guaranteed no go in wind. Luckily there are extremely realistic looking led candles nowadays and taper or pillar candles can also be put in tall hurricane cylinders to help keep them lit. Lanterns are also a great option. If you’re planning on a rose petal aisle runner for your ceremony decor, those definitely will not stay where they are placed for very long. But there are worse things than a magical rose petal shower, am I right?

We know it’s a lot to just think of your wedding plan A let alone plan for all different weather conditions. Get in touch with us here and we’ll help make sure you’re set so matter what the skies are looking like on your big day!

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