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I am so excited to be starting a new blog series where I will be introducing some amazing bay area vendors and venues! I wanted to kick things off with Miranda Villanueva of Love and Artistry, a super talented hair and makeup artist based in Milpitas. We've had the pleasure of working with her a couple of times and she is so wonderful at making brides feel comfortable and beautiful on their big day! She's so kind and always willing to answer questions and do whatever she can to make things easy as can be for her clients. Check out our interview with Miranda below to learn more about her background, approach to bridal hair and makeup and beauty tips for the big day!

  • Please tell us a little about yourself and your business (how you got started, what you offer).

Beauty has always been a deep fascination for me. What made someone beautiful and how differently it is perceived among different groups of people was always interesting to me. So I have always explored different looks, and loved looking for ways to best enhance someone’s features. I’ve also had a love for painting, drawing people, consulting and consoling others, and meeting new people. I eventually pieced it all together and realized how well providing hair and makeup (beauty) services fit what I had to offer.

I am a licensed cosmetologist and have completed professional hair and makeup courses from Marinello, BLUSH School of Makeup in San Francisco, training by Dolce Vita Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, and Celebrity Makeup Artist - DressYourFace. I regularly attend various hair & makeup workshops to keep my techniques and vision current.

I currently offer hair and makeup styling for all occasions, along with hair color and cut services.

  • When do you remember first being interested in hair and makeup?

In middle school, I had the most unnecessary hairstyles. I would spend hours perfecting details in high updos, and smoothing every hair in place. I loved being creative with my hair. At this time I also starting shaping my 90’s thin brows, wearing thick black liner and wearing defined lip liner. Not as glamorous these days but was definitely the thing back then!

  • What would you say is your bridal hair and makeup style?

I love soft, romantic, sometimes sultry, and glowing makeup looks, and really enjoy creating soft, loose, romantic and flow hair designs. I guess everything soft and romantic!

  • What is your favorite part of being in the wedding industry?

It’s amazing to get to be a part of someone’s big day, and I always feel so honored being chosen as someone the bride trusts to make her look her best for this extremely special day. It’s a huge role for me, setting the tone for the day, being the one to keep her calm/cool/collected, and giving her that boost of confidence and excitement when she takes that look in the mirror once we finish. I get such satisfaction from their happiness!

  • What is your goal with your business?

I have a few. To boost love and confidence for ones self through the enhancement of one’s own beauty. To build relationships and spread encouragement and positivity through our conversations. And lastly, to make someone’s wedding day even more memorable by setting them up with beauty and confidence in their total look!

  • What are you excited about for this upcoming year for your business?

I’ve just taken the certification for Brow Microblading, and am excited to add that to my services. Brows play such a huge defining role on the face, and if shaped according to their own features and facial measurements, it can greatly enhance their whole look. I’d love to create that basic foundation for them!

  • What advice would you give to brides to be when it comes to their pre-wedding beauty regimen?

I have quite a few! Here we go:


- Keep hydrated! Drink 8 glasses of water

- Eat an orange (Vit C boosts collagen, and can help with acne)

- Get 7-8 hours of sleep

- Apply night cream (have a skin care regimen)

Once a Week

- Exfoliate

- Face Mask

  • Some brides can be afraid of hair and makeup because they want to make sure they still look like themselves on their wedding day. What do you tell/do for clients who have that concern?

This is a popular concern, especially for brides who don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. The difficulty is, reaching a happy medium between satisfying what you see in the mirror, versus what you see from your wedding video or photos. Sadly, the camera blows off most of the color from your face, and seems to shoot right through the makeup. Therefore, the artist has to compensate for that by going a bit heavier than normal to make sure your beauty translates seamlessly onto your photo and video memories. I will usually explain this to my bride, and have her choose which is more important for her.

  • What do you suggest to a bride who can’t decide between hair up or down?

These are the things I consider for hair design: style of dress, jewelry, whether she wants to hide any unwanted features of their face/neck/shoulders, how she normally wears her hair, and how she feels the most comfortable with her hair. Most general deciding factors are the style of dress. If it is a high neck design, or covering the shoulders, I’d usually suggest to go with hair up so it doesn’t look too crowded around her neck, and also allows for the style of dress to show through. Typically, with a sleeveless sweetheart design, she can choose either hair up or down, both are very complimentary with this style. From there it would depend on how comfortable she is baring her full neck and shoulders, and if she has a lot of jewelry around her neck and ears, I may suggest her to wear her hair up to show them off.

  • What do you feel like are the do’s and don’ts for bridal beauty?

Do what makes you feel the most beautiful, whether that be a heavy transformation, or a natural enhancement. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so it can change if you ask for too many opinions. As the artist, I can always make my suggestions, but I will always pay attention to what my bride truly feels comfortable with.

  • What do you foresee as the next big trend in bridal hair and makeup?

For bridal makeup, I envision bolder lips - reds/pinks/plums/magentas, accompanied with a soft, glowing complexion, neutral/earth tone soft eyeshadow, with wispy lashes and soft liner. Something sexy yet still soft and elegant/classic. With bridal hair, I see looser styles, mostly left down, with a more organic feel.

  • How far in advance do you recommend a bride book you?

I usually get booked anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance. The sooner they are ready to book, the better! It’s a great feeling just to know you have your vendors secured, rather than rushing around looking at other options if the vendor you want is already booked.

  • Can you tell us a little about your trials? What can brides expect and why are they important?

During the trial, the bride gets a preview of her hair and makeup and gets a chance to voice anything she wants to change about the look, which is an advantage with having a trial, since on the day of, there won’t be extra time to make any major changes to the look. This will help ease some stress on the wedding day. The artist also gets to become more familiar with your facial features, your likes, dislikes, and style. Most of the time, the second time around on the wedding day yields even more beautiful results.

  • How much time do you suggest a bride set aside for hair and makeup for herself and her attendants on wedding day?

I generally spend 1.5 hours on makeup and 1.5 hours on hair for the bride. She gets the maximum treatment! For all others, I would allot 45 minutes-1 hour for either hair or makeup. I would suggest for them to be finished right before or at the time the photographer arrives to give them some buffer time in the schedule.

  • Any tips or tricks on how to make a bridal look last until the very end of the wedding?

For her makeup, if she tends to get oily, keep blotting sheets or translucent loose powder handy to touch up throughout the day. Concealer is good to have as well, some brides aren’t used to wearing makeup so she can easily forget and scratch an itch on her face, like a normal person would! Concealer can quickly cover that up. Also bring some of the lipstick you will be wearing for the day to touch up after eating or kissing.

For hair, it would be great to keep a few bobby pins on hand, along with some hair product to smooth any fly-aways. All these items I usually have included in a small touch up kit for the bride to set her up for success!

Isn't her work just gorgeous?! To book with Miranda, you can contact her at loveandartistry@gmail.com and to view more of her looks be sure to check out her Instagram

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