Winter Weddings

Who can believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone and that Christmas is just around the corner?! That means two things. 1) It’s finally socially acceptable for me to play Christmas music now and 2) We have officially entered “engagement season.” Yes, engagement season is a real term and it refers to the time between Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day. According to WeddingWire, 39% of proposals take place during this time and we can completely understand why- it’s such a special time of year! But the winter months aren’t just perfect for engagements, they are a wonderful time for weddings as well. Here are a few reasons to love winter weddings:


Our top reason. Even if you’re in an area where it doesn’t snow, the holiday season is just pure magic. The lights, the chill in the air, being surrounded by family, cozy blankets, fires, all of the excitement and cheer… that feeling is going to naturally spill into your wedding.


Not many couples opt for winter weddings, so many amazing venues and vendors who would be difficult to book during other times of the year, are going to be more available and sometimes even at lower rates. Since they have fewer events, they will also be able to dedicate more time and attention to your wedding. This can even mean getting your photos and video back in a shorter amount of time since your photographer/videographer won’t have as many weddings to edit.


Winter weddings are fun because they are something different! Guests can be wedding-ed out during the rest of the year and they can all start to blend together. Having your wedding during wintertime instantly gives it a different look and feel. Not to mention, guests will typically have to pick and choose which weddings they attend during those busier months (either due to schedule conflicts, limited vacation days or budget) but they are likely to be more available and able to RSVP “yes” to your celebration.


Food is basically synonymous with the holiday season. Hearty comfort dishes, decadent pastries and desserts, cider, hot chocolate… If you’re a foodie a winter wedding may be the way to go. Typically spring and summer weddings will serve up much lighter fare so your options may be more limited. For example, soup shooters are a great appetizer but it’s too hot during other times of the year to do anything put a gazpacho and personally, I’m more of a fan of hot soup and that is perfect for winter weddings.


The cold weather can actually be a big plus. Grooms and groomsmen are typically in suits no matter what the season so they will appreciate the cooler temperatures. During spring and summer, guys take their jackets off almost immediately after the ceremony which is unfortunate after spending all of that time picking out full suits. Not to mention their gorgeous boutonnieres are only seen for a bit. Even strapless bridal gowns can get hot with all of the layers and with long bridesmaid dresses being such a trend right now, you and your girls will likely be more comfortable as well. You also won’t be worried about sweat ruining your makeup or showing in photos. If you are having a formal wedding, the same goes for your guests so winter lends itself perfectly to black tie events.


Winter weddings are likely to have an earlier start time since it gets darker sooner. This way you will still have light to take photos after the ceremony if you’re not opting for a first look. In turn, that means the reception will also start and end earlier. Therefore guests are more likely to stay the entire time to celebrate with you whereas by the time a summer wedding ends at midnight, the crowd has noticeably thinned out with older guests or guests with children leaving early.


We are huge fans of greenery and fluffy white florals around here and those both fit in so well with holiday decor. Candles and lanterns with are also perfect items to include to create a cozy atmosphere. It can be easy to accidentally go full holiday when planning a winter wedding but if done right, your decor can be so elegant and romantic.

We can’t wait to meet all of the newly engaged couples who say “yes” over the next few months! Please feel free to contact us here. We would love to hear about your magical proposal and help bring your winter wedding to life!

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